Planning and installation of your network infrastructure

Data Cable Installations from Cat5e to Cat7 and Fibre Fusion Splicing

Professional data cabling installations are an essential and often overlooked element of any company's network infrastucture. Performance and reliability can be adversely affected by poor cabling, as well as hindering future expansion of your network to accommodate extra capacity or new technologies. We have extensive knowledge in the design and installation of future proof data cabling solutions. Our expertise include Fibre Optic installations and copper connectivity suitable for homes and SME business customers.

Fast, reliable WiFi solutions with optional guest services and more

Creating a secure wireless infrastructure

Intelligent Wifi network, designed and tailored to meet your specific business needs.

Every organisation has different needs from their WiFi network. We’ll create a custom design from the myriad of available Wifi network solutions that best suit your requirements and budget. Our network design will ensure growth and security for your business or school, now and into the future.

Point to Point & Point to Multipoint Wireless Solutions

Provide secured, high speed shared connections across a multitude of sites. P2P & P2MP WiFi is the preferred network for most business types. Rely on an infrastructure that is capable of sharing resources, improving productivity and efficiency. We only use the best hardware, providing you with the best solutions and software from our trusted partners Unifi, Ruckus and IgniteNet.

Hospitality Wi-Fi

Whether your the owner of a boutique hotel or running a trendy Glamping site, an independent retail outlet or a salon. We can provide a solution which is cost effective and secure. Guest WiFi solutions from South West IT will ensure all clients receive a good connection, enriching their experience and engaging with your business, with or without a captive portal. A responsive analytics application will provide you with soaring positive feedback ratings from your guests. Any extra demands on security, bandwidth and data cabling infrastructure can be assessed and managed to ensure your customers are surfing all season. We are able to make sure your company is compliant with all the lastest GDPR requirements, and help you keep your customers safe with our filtering and monitoring services.

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